Friday, September 10, 2010

Luxembourg angered by royal engagement

September 10, 1918

A dispatch to London's Daily Express from Amsterdam says "the announcement of the engagement of the sister of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg to Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria has caused the deepest ill-feeling throughout the country, where the Germans are cordially hated."
Politicians are "incensed at the reply received to their representations from a leading court official" who said that the matter of Princess Antonia;s marriage is "purely private and as having nothing to do with politics."
Luxembourg's citizens say that Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide should forbid the marriage of her sister, Antonia, with a man who "is known as 'Luxembourg's Hangman," for it amounts to selling the country to Germany at the moment when it is helpless under military occupation." It is understood that the Luxembourg Parliament will appeal to Marie Adelaide to take the "necessary steps to render the marriage impossible."

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