Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Greece's sovereign makes plans to return home

September 8, 1946

As the Bulgarians vote to end their monarchy, Greece will soon see the restoration of their sovereign, George II, who will "make a triumphal return" to Greece about September 20. He will arrive on board a Greek destroyer and will go ashore at Phaleron." He is scheduled to ride through cheering crowds "along a three mile route" to Athens.
For security reasons, the "exact plan was not divulged." Greece's premier said that he will return to the Paris peace conference tomorrow and then leave for Athens "to prepare for the king's coming." He expects thousands of Greeks "to make the difficult journey by foot from the hills to welcome the monarch."
"Ah, you Americans think of this as some great change," the premier said. "It is natural for Greeks to hail a king."
The premier was also asked about the possibility of British and American naval escorts for King George. "It is not a Greek question," was the premier's response.
King George will "spend a final week of his London exile saying farewell to friends who have entertained him here." He may travel to Scotland to visit his cousin, King George VI, who is staying at Balmoral. King George II will also "thank the British government for its hospitality." He also plans to "send a message to the Greek people in a world-wide broadcast."
The king will leave London with his two sisters, the Duchess of Aosta and Princess Katherine, who have been living with him at Claridge's hotel. His younger brother, Crown Prince Paul, and his wife, Frederika, and their three children, now in Cairo, "will join the king's party when the board the destroyer."

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