Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A chill between sisters-in-law

September 1, 1960

Crown Princess Michiko of Japan, a commoner who became a princess when she married the heir to the throne, and Suga, "the princess who became a commoner by marrying a bank," have discovered "that they have very little in common," according to Imperial Palace sources, reports UPI.
The sources say that "a chill has developed between the sisters-in-law, mainly because each thinks the other is overplaying her new role."
Former Princess Suga "rips around Tokyo in her new car, does her own cooking, works part time as a radio disc jockey." She likes being Mrs. Takako Shimazu, who earns a $36 monthly pay check.
Crown Princess Michiko, whose father owns a mill, is the "very picture of aloof, staid and secluded royalty." She thinks Suga "is a little to wild," and Suga accuses Michiko of "being too regal," according to palace insiders.
Sources close to Suga say "she thinks Michiko tries to be too dignified and now acts as if she were born a crown princess instead of becoming one a year and one-half ago by marriage."
This is confirmed in a new book with a passage written by Suga: "Recently my sister (Michiko) has changed much from what she was before. My sister looked very fresh at the time of the marriage. But it may be natural that she is changed after giving birth to a child." She also had comments about her brother, Crown Prince Akihito's marriage. "When people make a big deal of their 'romance,' I feel very sorry for my brother."

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