Thursday, September 23, 2010

Archduchess Adelheid in Austria

September 23, 1936

Archduchess Adelheid returned to Austria today after leaving Steenockerzeel, Belgium. She had left Austria "abruptly on the conclusion of the Austro-German agreement July 11, and it is believed her return may signalize the revival of Habsburg activity," reports the New York Times.
The archduchess "received an official reception at Innsbruck station" from local and military authorities. Archduke Eugen went from Vienna to meet the Archduchess, who is the sister of Archduke Otto, heir to the throne.
She will visit Tyrolese villages and receptions hosted by various military bodies, and many assume that the Archduchess is resuming activities "with official approval," which has caused excitement among German and Austria Nazi and Socialist circles."

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