Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alexander of Saxony plans move to Latin America

Prince Alexander of Saxony is planning to move from Dresden to Latin America in early 2012. He will be involved in the development to build photovoltaic systems for electrical power plants. The Prince, who is the heir to his uncle, the Margrave of Meissen, made the announcement today in Dresden.
He will be accompanied by his wife, Princess Gisela, and their daughter, Princess Maria Teresa.
Alexander will represent Saxon solar industrial firms in their quest to open up the markets in Latin America. Chile and Ecuador are seen as possible sites for the new solar firms. "In order to gain access to the the domestic electricity markets, I will come on site with the relevant state governments and energy companies," the prince told the press.
Prince Alexander will not be an official representative of the Saxon state. His position is purely private. He will also act as a representative of the Meissen porcelain factory in Latin America to help spur sales of the German-made porcelain.
In November, the prince and princess will travel to Latin America to find a suitable residence and location for the primary office. The short list includes Buenos Aires, Bogota, Colombia, Santiago, Chile, and Mexico City.
"We will celebrate Christmas in Saxony and then start the new year in Latin America."
Despite the move to Latin America, the couple will not break their ties with Saxony. "Our commitment to the Free State will continue to exist." Their three sons will continue their education in Europe.

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