Thursday, August 26, 2010

Queen Mary takes up dusting

August 26, 1926

Exclusive to the Los Angeles Times.

Queen Mary is "spending a two weeks holiday as a housewife with a duster, forgetting the formalities of being a queen." Wearing "ordinary working clothes," Mary is spending her vacation at Sandringham, overseeing the "transformation of Queen Alexandra's house there into a modern country mansion for the present royal family.
Mary, accompanied by one lady-in-waiting, "forgot about the cares of state and busied herself about the house with a duster and broom sweeping and cleaning pictures and furniture." These tasks "apparently gave her great pleasure."


BBSlut said...

I don't think she got along very well with Queen Alexandra

tjmooney said...

I'm picturing Queen Mary moving about Sandringham dressed as Carol Burnett's charwoman character.