Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wilhelmina sends her thanks to King George

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 May 12, 1940

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands sent her "heartfelt thanks" to King George VI "for the message he sent to her yesterday decrying the 'brutal and wholly unwarranted attack' upon her country," the Associated Press is reporting.

"I desire to express to Your Majesty my heartfelt thanks for your kind message, proving that in this moment of grave tribulation Your Majesty and Your Majesty's people throughout the British Empire are ready and anxious to give us all possible moral and material support.

"I wish to your Majesty how happy I am that our peoples' fleets and armies are fighting against ruthless aggression. I feel certain that the cause of freedom and justice will triumph in the end."

King George V also received a message from King Leopold III of the Belgians, "to whom he sent a promise of support."

"Your Majesty's far-reaching and encouraging message has touched me deeply. It brings me in the grave hour through which my country is passing valuable proof of the fidelity of the British people to their pledged word.

"The cause which Belgium is defending is sacred to my fellow countrymen, and I share the unshakable confidence which your message expresses the free and independent future of our two countries."

The Netherlands and Belgium have been invaded by German troops.

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