Monday, May 24, 2010

when Sarah realized she screwed up

There is one scene in the video where Sarah, Duchess of York, realizes what she has done, but she is unable to extricate herself, and change her mind. It is the scene where she has the $40,000 in front of her, and she buries her face in her hands, and it appears she is emotional. This is not a happy emotion. This is the recognition that she has done something wrong, but she cannot turn back now because the stakes are too high. If Sarah had a true spine, she would have handed that money back, and said, no, this is wrong. I cannot do this to my former husband.
But she cannot see through her tears. She cannot see that accepting the money will only hurt Prince Andrew, and endanger her relationship with him, and with their two adult daughters.
It was at this moment when Sarah crossed the Rubicon. She has no one to blame but herself.


Paul Harten said...

What I find worrying is the way she drags those girls to various trashy/celeb parties/functions. I suppose it doesn't do her any harm to drag along a couple of real life HRH Princesses. But then I think you know I have NEVER been a fan.


Michelle said...

that scene TOTALLY stood out to me as well!

at first i thought perhaps she was rubbing her eyes in exhaustion, as she wasn't looking her best & it was clearly late at night given how dark it was.

but then i realized she was looking mighty nervous, not at all at ease the way she had been (relatively speaking) at the beginning, around the time when she makes that "pop" sound and says "open doors."

when i saw the headlines - the "breaking news" banners right when the story broke at some absurd hour - i didn't want to believe it. i truly did admire her for the way she'd (seemingly) turned her life around and did great work for children.

then there was the video.

and now matter how you spin it, she can't get out of this one. there's no excuse, no way it could've been taken out of context.

in the VERY best possible scenario, she was approached by the undercover journalist & repeatedly harassed complete with pleading for access to Prince Andrew until she gave in, knowing how much she needed the money.

but even in that case - which is likely nowhere near what actually happened - to do this was insane.

hopefully there will be some sort of interview or something in the future... but just as the Queen & royal family were slowly welcoming her back to some things, after all these years, it's gone. who knows if she'll even still stay at Royal Lodge! she's offered to move out, and the Duke or Queen may even insist on it.

if it weren't for the fact that she is mother to Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie - granddaughters to the Queen, princesses of the realm - she'd be kicked to the curb in every possible way, most likely years ago but certainly now if not then. but the fact remains that she IS, and always WILL BE, the mother of British princesses who are just an accident involving her uncle's family away from the throne. i know Prince William & the Prince of Wales aren't supposed to fly together, but even if they don't, things can happen, and God forbid that "branch" of the family died, it's on to the Duke of York, followed by Princess Beatrice. for this reason, the Royal Family will NEVER be truly & completely rid of the Duchess of York... although i wouldn't really be too surprised if the Queen stripped her of that title because of this.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah... what have you done?!?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Sarah does not have a title. Sarah, Duchess of York, is how the wife of a divorced peer is styled ... she lost her title when she got divorced. But she may be asked to not use Duchess of York