Thursday, May 6, 2010

Princess Mary a "little ruler"

May 6, 1910

England "will now have three queens," the Chicago Daily Tribune reports Queen Dowager Alexander, Queen Mary, and Princess Mary. The "latter is the only girl among six children in the royal household and has long been a pet of the English nation.

Princess Mary celebrated her 12th birthday last October, and is said "to be as pretty and loveable a little princess as ever lived outside a book of fairy tales."
Mary was "always a great favorite of King Edward, "who kept her constantly in his company at Sandringham or Balmoral."

Her father, now King George V, once said of his daughter: "Mary is as much a boy as the rest of them. She enters into the sports and recreations of her brothers with enthusiasm and can hold her own with them in most games."
She loves cricked and "boasts of having once 'cleaned bowled' Prince Arthur of Connaught with the first ball she pitched to him."

She loves spending time outside, enjoys fishing and boating in the summer. She is said to be thrifty, saving her pocket money, and she enjoys playing jokes on her brothers. She is well-educated, and her school began "at the age of 4 with a governess." At the age of 8, Princess Mary "was able to talk fluently with the French ambassador in her own language."

When her father was the heir apparent, Mary was styled as HRH Princess Mary of Wales. Now that her father is king, Mary's new title is HRH The Princess Mary. When she approaches adulthood, she will be seen as one of the most eligible princesses in Europe.

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