Thursday, May 6, 2010

The New Queen different from Alexandra

May 6, 1910

The new Queen Mary "is entirely different" from her mother-in-law, Queen Alexandra. The Los Angeles Times notes that Mary is a contrast to the popular Alexandra. She "resembles Alexandra in neither appearance nor temperament, and she comes to her crown as consort with a standing before the British people entirely different from that of Alexandra."

Queen Alexandra was "enormously popular," and was "most gracious and charming in manner." Mary, on the other hand, "is neither popular in England nor the colonies." She is described as "severe, cold and haughty." She is strict and conscientious in her public duties, and she is by nature, "of profound ambitions. She has a mind of "keen intelligence," and is "ambitious in the extreme for her husband and herself, declares those who have been in a position to receive an insight into her character."

It is said that the new Queen has an "important influence" over King George V's rule as monarch." She has a strong nature, is "arrogant and self-willed." It has been known for some years that the Princess of Wales "exhibited growing intolerance of control in matters whereon she has adopted decisive views of her own."

King Edward VII "employed every atom of his almost matchless tact" to keep his daughter-in-law in line with royal wishes."

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