Thursday, May 6, 2010

New heir loved his great grandmother

May 6, 1910

Prince Edward, now the Duke of Cornwall, was only seven years old when his great-grandmother, Queen Victoria died in 1901. They were "devoted to each other," reports the Chicago Daily Tribune, and the little prince "refused for a long time to kiss Queen Victoria's hand, insisting on kissing her cheek instead. It was Victoria who taught Prince Edward his alphabet. His first "long journey" was in 1896 when his parents brought him to visit the Queen at Balmoral. It was here that Edward met the little daughter of the Russian Czar, the Grand Duchess Olga.
Little Prince Edward gad "just mastered the art of walking."
The Queen said "La Bella Alliance," as Edward and Olga came toward her "hand in hand."
Even as a small boy, Prince Edward was masterful, and "his younger brother's resentment of his presumption is said to have led them to fight a little battle on their own account." They were fighting when their parents, then the Duke and Duchess of York entered the nursery. The duchess was shocked by the fight, but the duke said: "Let them fight it out; they will make all the better men for it."

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Shamrock and Rose said...

Oh the 'What if's' of history!

What if Grand Duchess Olga, who was eighteen, nearly nineteen years of age at the outbreak of WWl had been married to a European prince? Had it been Edward, Prince of Wales (impossible, given his utter immaturity), but this is a 'what if' exercise, perhaps George V would have taken a different position and permitted the Russian Royal Family to flee to Britain.

I have no doubt that Victoria, had she still been alive, would have been much more courageous and shown the backbone necessary to save her family.