Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friedrich III doing better

May 5, 1888

The Associated Press reports today that German Emperor Friedrich III's "sleep was unbroken for several hours toward morning." It was "the best sleep that he has enjoyed in many weeks," and he "awoke from it with a good appetite and in good spirits."
He asked his doctors if he could "enjoy the open air," but the doctors, in consultation, decided "in the negative." The Emperor dined with his family, and this afternoon "took a long rest; and slept for a considerable time."
His temperature "remains almost normal." He remains weak, and "his attempts to walk yesterday and to-day proved the utter weakness of his limbs." Although he cannot walk, the Emperor is able to "stand occasionally."
The Crown Prince confers with the Empress every day, although he is "absorbed in his extensive duties." The change in his demeanor is "coincident with the visit of Queen Victoria," who appears to have had success "in conciliating him proves to be more endearing than anticipated."
It was also announced today that the marriage between Prince Henry, the Emperor's second son, and Princess Irene of Hesse and by Rhine, "which was fixed for this month," will now take place in July.

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