Thursday, May 6, 2010

The children of the new King George V

May 6, 1910

The new heir to the throne is 15-year-old Prince Edward. He and his five siblings "have received a careful and common-sense education both mentally and physically," according to the New York Times. Their parents "impressed on all who helped bring up the children the need for simplicity of manner, dress and life."
The new Duke of Cornwall is "as merry and light-hearted a youngster as can be found anywhere." He has numerous pets, and is an "ardent advocate of kindness to animals."
Prince Edward is "not a brilliant scholar, but he is a hard-worker. He is a "healthy, wholesome looking lad of the Hanoverian type and a somewhat plain, good-natured face."
The other five royal children are Prince Albert, 14; Princess Mary, 12; Prince Henry, 10, who is described as a "great reader;" Prince George,6; and Prince John, 4 1/2 years old, who is "learning to ride."

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