Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Counter revolution breaks out in Petrograd

April 27, 1918

The following dispatch from Copenhagen to the Exchange Telegraph Company was published by the New York Times.  It is being reported that a counter-revolution has broken out in Petrograd, formerly St. Petersburg.  There are reports from Finland "that there is serious rioting in the capital," and one rumor remains persistent that Grand Duke Alexis Nikolaievich (son of the former Emperor Nicholas II), has been proclaimed Emperor, and that "Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovitch is the real leader in Russian affairs."
The Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, "says definite reports have been received from Abo, Finland," that Grand Duke Alexis has been been proclaimed as Emperor, and Grand Duke Michael is the Regent.

News of the "revolutionary outbreak" in Petrograd has not reached the Russia Embassy in Washington, D.C., according to Embassy officials.  The "latest information" does not indicate "that any such movement was contemplated."

Other news reports coming out of Paris state that the Germans "have liberated certain party leaders and Grand Dukes."  There are negotiations between political parties and the Germans "with a view to a monarchical restoration."
The Germans appear to be taking control of Petrograd.  "A monarchy will be proclaimed with the Czarevitch Alexis on the throne, and a Regency Council, composed of three members, one of who will be the Grand Duke Michael, while the other two will be elected by a Constituent Assembly or a plebiscite.
Alexis was born in August 1904.  He has always been "in poor health, " and was "the victim of a mysterious accident in 1912." After the former Imperial Family was sent to Tobolsk, Siberia, the former Tsarina Alexandra "petitioned the Soviet Government to send her son of a sanitarium in Southern Russia."  The Soviets are still "considering the petition."

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