Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ex-wife sues Radziwill for child support

January 12, 1926

Countess Palffy, who is the former Miss Dorothy Deacon of Boston, has filed suit against her first husband, Prince Albert Radziwill, and his mother, for the recovery of 136,000 francs "claimed as due for the support" of her daughter, Princess Betka Radziwill.
Prince Albert, who is in Poland, failed to appear in the Paris courtroom, according to the New York Times. Countess Palffy, through her lawyer, said she filed suit in order to gain the maintenance for her daughter. The Countess is Betka's legal guardian. The Prince has not responded to earlier requests, so his former wife decided to sue Albert and his mother for the funds.
Miss Deacon and Prince Albert were married in London on July 10, 1910. Their daughter was born on November 21, 1917. The marriage was annulled by the Pope on January 12, 1922, due to "non-consent." Shortly afterwards, Dorothy married Count Palffy, a Czechoslovakian nobleman.
The Court postponed a decision in the case today.

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