Monday, January 25, 2010

doubts Stephanie will marry next week

January 25, 1900

This is by special cable from Vienna to the Chicago Tribune. Aristocratic circles in Vienna are doubting the recent report in the Frankfort Zeitung that Princess Stephanie, widow of the late Crown Prince of Austria, is to be married to the Hungarian Count Elemor Lonyay in London next week. This story is finding "little credence" because next Tuesday is the 10th anniversary of the Crown Prince's death, which would make the marriage "next week improbable."
The marriage is expected to take place later, as Stephanie's daughter, Archduchess Elisabeth, has been "introduced this winter into society," and Stephanie has "frequently declared that as soon as her daughter was introduced she would follow the inclinations of her heart," and marry the Count. This is despite the fact that Stephanie's father-in-law, Emperor Franz Joseph, has voiced objections to Stephanie's remarriage.

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