Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reports say Nicholas II and family heading toward Siberia

August 18, 1917

The New York Times is reporting news from telegrams sent from Viatka, "on the northern route to Siberia." The telegrams "report the passage of two special trains with lowered blinds which no one was allowed to approach." The trains, which are headed eastward, are "assumed to contain" the former Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family.
The Times also is reporting a story that was first published in the Bourse Gazette. The Gazette is stating that Grand Duke Michael, who is Nicholas II's younger brother, has rejected a suggestion that he live in England. The Grand Duke has "declared that he cannot leave Russia until the Constituent Assembly has determined the future form of government." Michael has made it clear that he will accept the throne only if this is the will of the people.

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