Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Princess Madeleine to marry

Sorry Prince William, but Madeleine is now officially engaged to her long term boyfriend, Jonas Bergström. Their engagement was officially announced earlier today in Sweden. The date of the wedding has not been announced, but it is expected to take place after Crown Princess Victoria's wedding on June 19, 2010. A general election will also be held in 2010, so do not expect a wedding until the fall of 2010. Bergström is a lawyer, who practices in Stockholm. I do not expect that he will receive a title as Madeleine is third in line to the Swedish throne. A press conference will be held later today in Stockholm, and further details might be revealed at that time.
The King has announced that Bergström will be styled as Duke of Häslingland and Gästrikland following the marriage. He will not be created HRH or a Prince of Sweden. Madeleine will continue to be styled by her titles, HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland. It is unlikely that their children will be titled, as the focus will be on Victoria's family.
Madeleine's ducal titles cannot be inherited by her descendants, and will revert to the Crown when she dies.

Photo credit: royal court


Cabri said...

very nice and extremely good looking couple! He is much better looking than Prince William. Great decision of the King with regards to teh title. As said in other blogs it is a a bit like the Spanish system where the husbands of the Infantas share their ducal titles but not their HRH. However that is in the Spanish tradtion for peerage title while it si not the Swedish tradition. So a new development.

Taren said...

Marlene, I'm mostly unfamiliar with Swedish royalty. Are non-royal dukes in Sweden entitled to any style at all, similar to the way England's non-royal dukes are styled as "your grace"?

Anonymous said...

Your Grace (actually, its Swedish translation) exists in Swedish language and was in frequent use in older Swedish culture.
Nowadays its use is almost non-existent. Though, it can be used.