Monday, August 17, 2009

Kaiser buys estate in Doorn

August 17, 1919

The New York Times is reporting that the former German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, who abdicated in November, has purchased an estate and house of Doorn in the village of Doorn, near Utrecht. The estate was purchased from the Baroness de Beaufort. Since leaving Germany, Wilhelm II has been living in Amerongen.

It is also being reported that Crown Princess Cecilie is expected to arrive in Holland "within a few days," and will stay at the small house at Wieringen with her husband, the former Crown Prince. She will "occupy the small room, meagrely furnished with a bed and washstand." The room is now being occupied by Major von Mulder, who serves as the Crown Prince's adjuntant. He will now have to seek "quarters in the village." The Crown Prince's children, who will also be visiting Wierengen, will be staying with the Burgomeister.


Cabri said...

Thanks for this report.

The House Doorn is quite nice place to visit. We had been there and enjoyed it very much. The staff is very very nice and friendly and we met a lady who worked on the a book on the Empress Hermine.

Marlene, next time you get to Europe pay a visit (unless of course you have been there already)

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Thanks. Have never been to the Netherlands. Europe is far too expensive for this American. I was in Brussels for one day (2 weeks ago today) Took the Eurostar ($104 rt) and the Palace was free. Did not eat in any restaurants.