Thursday, August 27, 2009

Frederick and Sophie's wedding

The current issue of Hello on sale in the USA has an article on upcoming "royal" weddings (and also speculating on a few possible royal weddings.)

One of the definite "royal" weddings is the one that will take place at the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court on September 12. This is the marriage of Lord Frederick Windsor and Sophie Winkleman.

"A friend of the couple" has told the magazine that 350 family and friends will "cram into the palace's 16th century chapel." It will be a traditional Anglican wedding, which will be conducted by the Rt Rev. Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London. The bride as "chosen a stunning white dress and the chapel will be lit by candles."
There will be no sit down wedding breakfast to follow the wedding. "After the service the couple will have eats and Champagne at Hampton Court. They cannot see the point of a big sit-down dinner."
The couple are largely paying for the wedding themselves so it is understandable to try to keep the costs down.
Lady Annabel Goldsmith, who is a friend of Princess Michael of Kent, will be hosting a dance for the newlyweds at her Richmond home.
The Queen is not expected to attend. Hello's report also says that Lord Frederick's godfather, the Prince of Wales, will not attend. Memo to Hello: the Prince of Wales is not Lord Frederick's godfather. Princes William and Harry are also not expected to attend. Friends say that the security for the wedding will be "immense." I call that dramatic license as Hampton Court will be closed for the day, which means only the guests will have access to the palace grounds and the chapel.
One assumes that the royal guests will include the groom's parents, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, as well as other members of the Kent family including the Duke of Kent and his children and Princess Alexandra and her children. Perhaps even the Duchess of Kent.
Other possible guests might include the elderly Prince Alexander and Princess Barbara of Yugoslavia. Alexander's mother, Olga, was the older sister of the late Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. Marina was the mother of Prince Michael. I would not be surprised to see one or two members of the Toerring-Jettenbach family, who descend from Olga and Marina's sister, Elisabeth.

The newlyweds will be flying to Los Angeles shortly after the wedding as Sophie, who is an actress, will be working on a new project. She will continue to use her own name professionally, but her official title will be The Lady Frederick Windsor.


Eurohistory said...

The Toerring-Jettenbachs are attending, as is Archduchess Helen of Austria. during my last conversation with Prince Alexander (for his recent birthday), he and his wife were uncertain if they would attend. The newlywed couple will be flying from London to LA the morning following their wedding. Lord Frederick has transferred to the JP Morgan Stanley Branch in LA.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thanks! I did mention the job transfer a few weeks ago here on RM