Monday, August 31, 2009

Edward in Vienna

August 31, 1903

King Edward VII arrived today in Vienna from Marienbad, where "an enthusiastic reception was accorded him," according to the New York Times. Kaiser Franz Joseph, wearing the uniform of a British Dragoon Guards, accompanied several Archdukes and other nobles, greeted the British king at the railroad station. King Edward arrived at 5 p.m.
Their Majesties were driven to the Hofburg in a landau driven by six horses. "Immense" crowds lined the route toward the Hofburg.
After Edward had retired to his private apartment, he was officially visited by the Austrian emperor. In the evening, the king was the guest of honor at a state banquet. All of the archdukes and archduchesses were in attendances. In a speech, King Edward "expressed his thanks for the friendly sentiments expressed toward him."

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Allan Raymond said...

Possibly "by" is missing from the following sentence:

... he was officially visited "by" the Austrian emperor ...

Can't remember where I saw it, but was it during this visit when Edward tried to entice Franz Joseph to go in one of those new contraptions - a car?