Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boris apparently shot by assassin

August 27, 1943

There are unconfirmed reports, published in American and British papers, that King Boris III "was seriously wounded last Tuesday evening" on his return from a visit to Adolf Hitler's field headquarters. The report was received tonight in Berne, Switzerland, from a usually reliable Balkan source.
According to the report, the king received three bullet wounds in his abdomen, when he entered his car at a train station outside Sofia. He had traveled from Germany by train.
The report adds that the would-be assassin is a pro-Russian police inspector.
The king's condition is said to be "desperate." The Queen is at his bedside, having left Plovdiv, where the royal family is living following anti-government riots in Sofia earlier this year.
The King's indisposition was announced today in the Bulgarian press as an "illness," but without further explanation.
Riots have again broken out in the capital against the Philoff government and there are continued demands for an immediate break with the Axis powers.
According to Hungarian source, the Bulgarian premier has proposed a tentative committee to act as a regency with Queen Givoanna, should King Boris die. The tentative committee includes the Prime Minister, the War Minister and a diplomatic representative who currently out of the country.
The heir to the throne is six-year-old Prince Simeon, who has the official title of Prince of Tirnovo.

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