Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prince and Princess Viggo arrive in Copenhagen

October 22, 1924

Prince Viggo of Denmark and his American wife, Eleanor Green, arrived in Copenhagen today. They were welcomed at the railroad station by King Christian X, Queen Alexandrine, Prince Waldemar (the groom's father), Prince Knud, Prince Axel, Prince Gustav, Prince Harald, and Princesses Thyra, Helena and Margaretha.
As the newlyweds alighted from the train, Prince Viggo introduced his wife, who is known as Peggy, to the king and queen. Alexandrine "affectionately kissed the bride."

The couple drove through Copenhagen and were greeted by cheering crowds. They joined other members of the family for lunch at the palace. In the afternoon, Prince and Princess Viggo paid "official visits" and had tea with the Dowager Empress Marie of Russia.
A gala dinner had been planned for the prince and princess, but due to the health of Queen Louise, widow of Frederik VIII, an "ordinary dinner" was held.
Prince and Princess Viggo will live temporarily at Bernstoff with the prince's father.

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