Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Majesty magazine!

I am absolutely appalled by the following comment, which appeared on a message board: "Majesty magazine, despite its excellent stable of expert contributors, is edited by a tabloid-style hack "

Although Ingrid Seward is listed on the masthead as the editor-in-chief, she does not play a day-to-day role in running the magazine. The true editor in Joe Little, a seasoned journalist, who is not a hack. No one who writes for Majesty (including me) deals with Ingrid. Our copy is edited by Joe, who knows what he is doing. He has to balance historical articles with fluff because the magazine has to appeal to a varied readership.
Joe is the one who comes into the office every day. He is the one who works with the writers and the advertisers.
And, having worked with Ingrid on several royal visits, I can assure readers that she, too, is not a hack journalist.
Joe Little is certainly not a hack journalist. What a horrible thing to say about a good and decent person.

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