Thursday, August 7, 2008

Edward VIII plans cruise despite Spanish civil war

It was reported today - August 7, 1936 -- that Britain's King Edward VIII will continue with plans for a Mediterranean vacation. He will leave tomorrow for Paris and then fly to Sebenic, Yugoslavia, where he will board Lady Yule's yacht, the Nahlin. The cruise, which will last a month, will include the Dalmatian coast and the Greek isles. Joining the king on the cruise will be Lord and Lady Mountbatten, Lord and Lady Brownlow, Lady Cunard, Lord Sefton and the Earl of Dudley. The New York Times also noted "there probably will be other guests." Perhaps Alfred Duff Cooper, the war secretary and his wife, Lady Diana ... or perhaps a divorced American woman from Baltimore. No names please.
The King will be traveling incognito, using the title Duke of Lancaster. Thus, no royal salutes. The king does not wished to be disturbed during his holiday.

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